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Monday, May 9, 2011

Butterfly House Beauty

Presenting Jen with the jar of money

While the Crazy Loving Cows (a three-year-old class at the Community School) were learning about the rain forests, they invited Jen from the Missoula Butterfly House to come into their classroom and share information about insects found in the rain forest.  She brought in hissing Madagascar cockroaches, Milton the millipede, and a blue morpho-butterfly.  The children were so excited and interested in the insects that they wanted to do something to help get the Butterfly House started.  (It will officially open in 2012).  

Jen thanking the students.
The children brought in pennies from home (over 700!) and held a bake sale at school.  Talk about realizing you are never too small to make a difference in your community - they made over $100 in two days from their bake sale!  When they combined the penny drive and the bake sale, they raised $139 that they were able to donate to the Missoula Butterfly House.  The children were delighted to be able to give Jen the huge jar of money, and they had the added bonus of feeling great about helping get the Butterfly House off to a good start so that other children can enjoy the insects too.  

Friends of the Butterfly House stickers - yeah!
Wow, the power of a three year old is magnificent.  Thank you Crazy Loving Cows for your help!

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